City Planning Works Services

Urban Planning

  • Championing great planning outcomes
  • Urban planning project co-ordination
  • Rezoning applications (planning proposals)
  • Strategic plans for LGAs, precincts and sites
  • Site selection and relocation studies
  • Planning feasibility studies
  • Planning for sustainable projects
  • Negotiation with councils and community groups
  • Facilitation of community workshops
  • Expert evidence and testimony for appeals
  • Litigation support
  • Planning due diligence studies
  • Development control plans
  • S7.11 contribution plans
  • Development Applications (DAs, s8.2, s4.55)
  • Statements of Environmental Effects (SEEs)
  • Studies for liquor licence applications
  • Property portfolio analysis
  • Management of design and DA projects

Urban Design

  • Championing urban design projects
  • Urban design project co-ordination
  • Urban design development controls
  • Site analyses
  • Site master planning
  • Visual impact analysis
  • SEPP 65 and Apartment Design Guide (ADG) reporting
  • Conservation planning (including Heritage Conservation Area definition)
  • Conservation area guidelines
  • Impact assessments for projects in, or adjacent to, conservation zones
  • Neighbourhood design guidelines
  • Streetscape analysis
  • Expert evidence and testimony for appeals