About us

About City Planning Works

In this challenging time of rapid urban growth, CITY PLANNING WORKS, affirms our belief in the power of urban planning and design to improve the lives of city dwellers.

Informed urban planning and urban design are essential to managing the rapid growth of our cities. CITY PLANNING WORKS is committed to providing sustainable, practical and ethical planning and design solutions for the urban built environment  

Our nearly 60 years of diverse experience and detailed knowledge inform the advice we give private and public sector clients. 

Our firm has

  • championed urban development projects designed to house Australia's growing population
  • designed, written and implemented planning policies, strategies, studies and development guidelines
  • compiled and project managed development applications in many industry sectors
  • managed master plans for large urban interventions and
  • advised on house alterations
  • assisted individuals to realise approvals for homes and alterations.

Whether working on projects large or small, we apply our practical and strategic advice with diligence and care.

CITY PLANNING WORKS is committed to collaborating with public and private clients to achieve optimal outcomes for the benefit of the city as a whole. Where necessary, we have recommended and guided litigating to achieve desirable development outcomes.